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    Jodhpur’s #1 Home Care Services

    Home Health Care Service

    Health is the greatest of significant assets, invaluable to man. But, unfortunately, today’s routine and stress leave little for a healthy cycle.

    Fighting a disease is a battle for the patient and determination, requiring support at various stages. Daily rounds of Hospitals and waiting areas were an inescapable challenge until Medikold brought nursing services to the comfort of your home.

    Our reputed professionals, trained and competent nurses, take care of you like a loved one.

    Medikold is the most trusted pharmacy in Jodhpur, dispensing quality medicines at reasonable prices to over a million happy customers. At Medikold, we help you look after your health effortlessly and care for loved ones wherever they reside in Jodhpur. You can buy and send medicines from any corner of Jodhpur. Order medicine online today!

    Get reliable and quality healthcare services delivered to your home

    Home Nursing Services, self-explanatory, bring numerous healthcare services to the comfort of your home, easily administrable and accessible. With multiple benefits compared to alternatives, home nursing services are both time and cost-effective without compromising the skill set or quality of service offered at established institutions. A nursing home is a fitting name for a room hospital.  Following the same precision and procedure of trusted hospitals, home nursing services are as efficient and competent. Moreover, the daily and more approachable communication allows the patient’s family to get involved better, forming bonds of trust and loyalty with caretakers. Compassion and devotion is the biggest strength of home nursing services.  

    The mentioned services are taken care of by registered and trained nurses, supported by experienced and talented Physiotherapists and occupational therapists for the best course of treatment. Therefore, one can rest assured about the quality and consistency of services and staff following duties with accountability and responsibility.

    In-Home care and Home Care are two terms often confused with Home Health Care, still being used irreplaceably in conversations. The difference between the expectations and roles of the three has been firmly established; people are conscious about the mode of healthcare chosen.  The most visible difference is the people taking care of patients. While in-home healthcare services, professional doctors attest to the health and betterment of patients, in-home services role is taken up by relatives and personal companions. In the long run and in mild cases, professional help always proves more beneficial.

    Our Story

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    Short-term nursing services are reserved for 1-4 hours. The nurses usually cater to a short period of recovery or disease. Short-term nursing care is temporary medical aftercare following surgery and is expected to improve with time. Individuals living alone prefer short-term nursing care for betterment. 

    Specialties: Vaccination at home, Injection at home, ECG at home, Dressing or wound care at home



    Long-term nursing care extends to 12-24 hours, generally looking after cases requiring constant attention. Long-term nursing care is a universal set for medical, physical, and surgical care, looking after every kind of social, emotional, and physical need of the patient. In addition, long-term nursing services support patients like a companion during chronic disease, putting efforts in every arena for improved results.

    Specialties:  Ventilator care at home, Tracheostomy care at home,  Bedsore care, catheter care, Infusion care, Ryle’s tube care, Care of IV Lines.



    Nursing attendants help the patient by supporting daily chores and incorporating healthier habits into a routine. Providing supportive care, emotional and physical, they are restricted from carrying out major medical procedures. As caretakers, nursing home attendants look after everything, from diet to exercise.

    Specialties: caregivers, support care, old patient care, caretaker, assisting in daily activities

    Why contact Medikold nursing services?

    The final destination for any service is to cure the illness or minimize its interference in life. Home nursing care takes care of everything, from pressure sores, age-induced weakness, surgical wounds, patient and caregiver education, Intravenous or nutrition therapy, injections, rehabilitation therapies, and monitoring serious illness and unstable health status.


    covid 19 vaccine

    Instead of standing in long lines with the risk of catching another infection, call skilled vaccinators at home.

    Medikold covers many vaccinations, including H1N1, Typhoid, Pneumonia, Hepatitis, and others. In addition, the staff is qualified and trusted by renowned doctors and institutions.

    Urinary Catheterisation Care

    Urine Drainage Bag and Leg Bag Care

    Processes like Urine catheterization care, catheter insertion, catheter removal, or bladder wash require the hand of a trained professional, something Medikold is happy to assist in.

    Post-Surgical Care

    patient care at home

    The post-surgical stage is a crucial phase for recovery, often binding the patient to bed. It also requires care with precision and delicacy.

    Medikold takes over aspects like pain management & feeding respiratory control to fluid administration. Our nurses will help you feel better in no time, bringing all the necessities to the comfort of four walls.

    Wound Dressing

    First Aid Kits

    Healing starts with the correct dressing. Then, our expert nurses, experienced in handling varied types of wounds-postoperative surgical wounds, infected wounds, and pressure sores, do everything for rapid recovery. 

    Oxygen Administration

    Oxygen Administration

    Without oxygen, there is no life. Oxygen administration is the most crucial responsibility during recovery, more fragile in severe conditions like trauma, bleeding, shock breathlessness, pulmonary disease, and more. Fortunately, you can simply call a Medikold Nurse to resolve the tension.

    Benefits of Home Nursing services

    • Primarily supports diet and nutrition in the family’s absence.

    • Skilled nursing care is provided in the comfort of a home.
    • Managing chronic health conditions to avoid unnecessary hospitalization.
    • Providing recovery care at home than prolonging stay at the hospital
    • one–on–one focus and support.
    • Medication Management and better outcome

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