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    Stroke/ Paralysis care

    MEDIKOLD includes the latest and advanced methods and treatments for rehabilitating patients mainly suffering from stroke/paralysis. Our center’s primary goal is to get the most out of the patient and achieve goals to achieve activities of daily living and other patient plans and goals. We incorporate all international therapies from all over the world to fulfill our primary purpose, which is the independence of our patients.

    Causes of stroke/paralysis

    • Trauma with severe nerve injury
    • Spinal cord injury
    • Brain damage
    • Exposure to toxins and poisons
    • Metabolic disorders

    Treatment and recovery from stroke

    Paralysis is the result of a stroke. High blood pressure and high cholesterol can cause a stroke. This can be one of the most terrible conditions that can befall the human body. It is one of the diseases that require immediate treatment and high care. The body is said to be in a stage of paralysis where there is a complete loss of muscle function for one or more groups. This is primarily due to damage to the nervous system.

    Smaller strokes or paralysis can be treated easily, but larger ones take longer to heal. A stroke or paralysis can entirely or partially affect the human body. Partial paralysis affects a part of the body and total paralysis puts the whole body in a paralyzed state. Paraplegia is the term used when paralysis affects the lower part of the body, while quadriplegia is the term used for paralysis of the arms and legs. Paralysis mainly occurs as a result of stroke or injury. If given proper treatment, a paralyzed person can usually have a normal daily life within a short time, depending on the person’s condition, age, and the treatment they receive. Many take years or months to recover.

    Symptoms of stroke/paralysis

    Symptoms of a stroke depend on the location and extent of brain cell damage. Some symptoms are:

    • Problems in movement
    • Sensory disturbances, including pain
    • Problems with using or understanding language
    • Problems with thinking and memory
    • Emotional disorders

    Physioline has successfully brought the highest percentage of results to patients from all over the world. The successful module used by Medikold, our center is unique and ready to use with the best-researched techniques and treatments in jodhpur. The method of delivery is entirely individual according to the highest standards.

    The best of our treatment

    • Innovative programs to achieve the priorities of every stroke patient.
    • A unique treatment approach for the first time in Jodhpur.
    • Continuous improvement of professional skills and techniques.
    • In the past, patients could avoid surgery.
    • The highest success rate for stroke was achieved in Jodhpur.


    Caring for a paralyzed patient solves a completely unexpected medical incident that many faces. It can appear at any time and become part of the aging process. With paralysis, the space in the bedroom turns into a “war room” of medicines, cleaning products, cotton, and gauze. Here you will find containers, feeders, napkins, and protective rubber or plastic mattresses. Families and inexperienced caregivers are often horrified at such a sight.

    Paralysis in a particular area of the anatomy is the inability to control a muscle. The individual loses strength in the muscles. Paralyzed people often lose all feeling in the affected areas of the body. They often cannot detect any needle or heated object pressed against the paralyzed body part. Paralysis physiotherapy is a key part of the care of a paralyzed patient. It helps regain mobility and sensation in the upper limb. In specific cases, individuals can recover most of their functions with physical therapy. Although challenging, caring for paralyzed patients is necessary for them to fully recover. In addition to concentrated energy, help and support, you will need to engage the individual in only the appropriate kind of therapy.


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