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    When a baby is born, it is the happiest moment in a new parent’s life. However, along with a lot of happiness, it also brings a lot of challenges. One of these challenges is caring for a newborn. Parents need to know how to face these challenges in the early days. This is where the care services of Medilokd can help you. Our staff will be highly trained and experienced to provide a specialized postnatal care program that includes post-op care for mothers, newborn bathing, massages, guidance on proper lactation and feeding, hygienic washing of baby clothes and baby bottles, etc.

    Mother & Baby Care services available at Home

    • Burping and helping mothers breastfeed their babies.
    • Care of the umbilical cord.
    • Care of premature newborns.
    • Handling your newborn.
    • Care of babies who require comprehensive care after birth.
    • Specialized care for low birth weight babies.
    • Bathing your baby.
    • Dressing up the baby.
    • Assistance to mothers who are going through a high-risk pregnancy.

    The benefits of choosing our newborn care include:

    • Clear understanding and identification of newborn needs.
    • Gaining knowledge about postpartum care.
    • Vaccination facility and fulfillment of other health requirements of the child.
    • Helping to create a bond between mother and baby.
    • Personalized and affordable baby care services.

    What Is New Born Baby & Mother Care?

    Pregnancy care consists of three parts prenatal care, during and after birth care. While prenatal care gets a lot of attention, postpartum care is just as critical. The postnatal period is complex, and a new mother and baby require a lot of care, guidance, and awareness for proper recovery and good health. Childbirth can be an emotional and stressful time for a new mother. According to the World Health Organization (WHO), the first 24 hours after birth are critical for both the baby and the mother. The new mother and baby care must be adequately given attention during this period.

    Medikold offers postpartum care that relieves new parents of workload and worries. Parenthood is an overwhelming experience, and in today’s world, when couples are sometimes forced to live far from their families or have no support from their families during this critical period, they have to take care of the child on their own. This translates into a lot of work and stress for new parents, especially in the first months, which are critical for both baby and mother.

    As part of NEWBORN BABY & MOTHER CARE, a medically trained caregiver helps the mother care for the newborn and offers care after the birth.

    New Mother Care

    Emotional support and massage can help a mother recover and enjoy her motherhood. Post-operative and postpartum care is essential for a new mother to recover fully. So if you are looking for supportive professional care for your mother, Medikold is here.

    New Born Baby Care

    A newborn baby is very delicate and requires special attention and care. A new mother often faces problems during this period. To help a new mother care for her baby, our caregivers are specially trained to provide newborn care and help with lactation, massage, and postnatal exercise. So book a newborn care service with us and enjoy your motherhood while we do the hard work.

    The Coming Home Service

    After you leave a care home or hospital, you can take advantage of our return home services, which include doctor visits within the first month, phone consultations with doctors, and advice on lactation, nutrition, and postpartum recovery. Our caregivers are also fully equipped with the knowledge to provide postpartum care to the mother and care for the newborn.

    We offer home healthcare services for patients who need ongoing medical care after being discharged from the hospital. These services can include administering injections, monitoring vital signs, and other medical procedures that can be safely performed at home. Benefits that bring medical care to the patient’s home, including administering injections. These services can be a convenient option for patients who have difficulty traveling to a healthcare facility due to mobility issues or other challenges.

    At Home Injection for Mothers Undergoing IVF Procedures

    For mothers undergoing procedures such as IVF, a healthcare provider can visit the patient’s home to administer the injections from Medikold. Alternatively, the patient may be able to self-administer the injections with the guidance and support of a healthcare provider. Patients must discuss their options with their healthcare provider to determine the best action.

    Expert Antenatal Care Services for a Healthy Pregnancy

    Medikold provides antenatal care services to pregnant women. Antenatal care is an important aspect of pregnancy and is essential for the mother’s and baby’s health and well-being. Medikold’s antenatal care services are designed to provide comprehensive care to pregnant women, including regular check-ups with a healthcare provider, monitoring of the baby’s growth and development, and education on pregnancy, childbirth, and parenting. The company’s healthcare providers are trained and experienced in providing antenatal care and are committed to ensuring the best possible care for their patients. By offering high-quality antenatal care services, Medikold helps pregnant women have healthy pregnancies and successful deliveries.


    The primary aim of Neonatal Care and Maternal Care is to provide advice on postnatal care planning, education, and support required during the postnatal period. Newborns are given a lot of care and attention, which is necessary and adequately needed, although postnatal care for the mother is also critical. Mother has undergone many changes and requires proper support and maintenance. Not everyone has the luxury of supporting a family and fending for themselves. This is where the newborn and maternal care offered by Medikold comes in handy. As part of this service, the caregiver provides the mother with optimal care for the baby and the right emotional and physical support.

    Why Medikold?

    • Qualified and experienced staff
    • Availability 24*7
    • Possibility of home nursing vaccination
    • Ambulance and doctor backup available
    • Dedicated health advisor for follow-up
    • Flexible timing and refund policy
    • Compensation and employee advances are available

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