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    Wound Care

    Wounds that do not heal within the standard healing time lead to infections and are difficult to treat. Therefore, regular visits to the hospital for check-ups and wound dressings are a must. Home nursing services offer wound care to patients in the comfort of their own homes. They are trained in providing sterile wound dressings and pain management.

    We treat bedsores, diabetic foot ulcers, leg ulcers, bone infections, soft tissue infections, post-operative wounds, and other injuries.

    Providing the best wound care services in Jodhpur, Medikold offers integrated and comprehensive healthcare to individuals in the privacy of their homes.

    Our company links the patient, family members, patient care providers, and health care providers (i.e., doctors, nurses, therapists, social workers, dieticians, home health aides, etc.). It provides the most affordable pre-and post-operative care at home. In the home environment, each team member plays a crucial role in ensuring the health and well-being of the patient and the participation of family members and patient care providers, all of which contribute to a positive outcome of care.

    We also provide dressing services at home in Jodhpur. Wound care is the treatment of a wound using different methods according to the type of wound.

    A wound dressing is essential to reduce pain, immobilize the injured body part and protect the wound. Bandaging an injury at home will help make sure the surrounding tissue is secure while promoting moist healing. But because of all this, we usually require hospital visits and bandages. However, our elders cannot comfortably travel to and from the hospital whenever they have an injury, right? This is why home wound dressing is such a boon to senior care. Read on to learn how homemade wound dressings have many more benefits than you can imagine.

    Below are some of the most critical steps in wound care:

    • Debridement and dressing are used to provide immediate skincare
    • Compression with bandages (healing)
    • It treats infections caused by wounds.
    • Treatment of edema
    • Increase blood and oxygen flow for faster recovery/healing.

    Wounds are of different shapes and sizes, with several diseases. Some scars require immediate dressings and attention, while others heal independently. As a result, a doctor will usually recommend a wound care dressing technique based on the type of wound.

    Dressing wounds at home can be helpful for your seniors if they are prone to injury. However, you do not need such a high-quality service for simple dressings of wounds, for example a minor cut. In other cases, you must consult the experts from Medikold. For instance, if there is pus, an unpleasant smell, or swelling on the wound. Heavy bleeding may occur. Or the elder got a fever or chills along with the injury. Such scenarios require the immediate attention of an at-home wound dressing expert. We will help you dress the wound at home, and our caregivers dedicated to the sauce will also train you in this. That’s not all. Homemade wound dressings from Medikold have many more benefits.

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