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    Fracture care

    Emergency room physicians regularly provide necessary and meaningful fracture care. Although many myths and mysteries surround the reporting of fracture care services at MEDIKOLD, a few simple concepts help simplify things. To report fracture care services, an emergency physician must either manipulate the bones (conservative care) or provide the same treatment as an orthopedist (definitive care) for fractures where manipulation is not clinically indicated.

    Effective Pain Management

    Our physicians and anesthesia team use pain control measures that lead to better patient outcomes. We effectively treat pain by emphasizing nerve blocks and non-narcotic medications while minimizing narcotic dependence.

    • Individualized Care

    Having one of the largest orthopedic care groups in Jodhpur allows us to consider many perspectives when planning your treatment. This collaboration helps us choose the best options for your health and circumstances.

    • Fracture Expertise

    Our team provides excellent results for fracture patients’ care – even in complicated cases. They prepare you for what to expect when you heal, making your recovery smoother. And they know when to intervene to avoid post-traumatic problems like arthritis or bones that don’t heal well.

    • Advanced Technology

    Dozee’s AI-powered contactless sensor is placed under a mattress to track a patient’s vital parameters, including heart and respiratory rates, temperature, oxygen saturation, and ECG. It also has an early warning system that alerts care providers for timely intervention. 

    You could do a lot to help your elderly family member recover from a fracture. Even so, you can’t stay with them every day until they heal if you’re in an unusual living arrangement. If your elderly mother or father needs home care for a fracture, find and hire a senior home health care in jodhpur to facilitate at Medikold. A specialist doctor can help you with the right fracture nursing care plan. An employed caregiver can help older people with their rehabilitation problems. 

    In a young person, a minor fracture takes about one to two months to heal. In the elderly, this time increases dramatically due to the deterioration of the body that comes with age. An elderly person also has a weaker ability to heal naturally than a young person. Managing your life with a fracture and other ailments an elder already has is no less than a challenge to live happily. That’s why you need an experienced and empathetic care taker.

    Choosing the Right Fracture Care Treatment for You

    We draw on our decades of experience and professional training (the highest level of medical education) to make care decisions. For example, minimally invasive surgery often leads to a shorter recovery. However, there may be better approaches to treating fractures. At Medikold, our surgeons use their expertise to make the most informed decisions – and know when to use another surgical procedure or simply a cast to achieve the best result.

    Their expertise also means we can:

    • To stop—and sometimes reverse—progressive joint deterioration, procedures that can benefit people who develop arthritis early but are too young to have joint replacements.
    • Evaluate and treat fractures with infection

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