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    Dozee - Health Monitoring Device

    Although we all sleep several hours a day, we don’t give it the importance it deserves to help us stay healthy and productive. It is well known that everyone needs a certain number of hours of sleep according to age and other health indicators. While many great wristbands and smartwatches can keep tabs on your sleep data, wearing anything other than pajamas to sleep can be uncomfortable for most people. And this is where Dozee comes in, which calls itself India’s first contactless remote health monitoring device. As an integral part of patient care, nursing must constantly adapt to changes in the healthcare system.

    Home Healthcare with Dozee: Bringing AI solutions to home health care

    Combined with an existing shortage of nursing and caregiving professionals, accommodating the patient’s and elderly needs within hospitals, elderly-care facilities, and at-home settings becomes a societal challenge amongst the technological solutions that have evolved in response to these developments, and nursing and assistive robotics claim a pivotal role. The present study aims to provide an overview of today’s landscape in nursing and assistive robotics, highlighting the benefits of adopting such solutions in standard clinical practice. Medikold brings AI solutions to home health care in Jodhpur.

    Because robots rely on programming, they lack humans’ common sense and reasoning ability. Robots also need programming to understand emotions and exhibit a proper response. Additionally, a robot’s artificial intelligence (AI) can replicate a person’s creativity through algorithms, but AI leaves robots incapable of creating things that resonate with humans. Finally, a robot’s programming may cause ethical decision-making delays when faced with an unusual circumstance that could potentially affect a person’s life.

    Information about Dozee

    Dozee (Health Monitoring Device) is India’s first non-contact, remote and centralized vital signs monitoring and alerting solution with 98.4% accuracy over clinical grade sensors. Dozee tracks crucial health factors such as heart rate, breathing, sleep, HRV, and myocardial performance index. It has a life-saving home health app and remote monitoring with its AI-driven early warning system and alert services.

    • Dozee is the only non-contact device in India with 98.4% accuracy compared to clinical grade and remote health monitoring, which allows us to monitor the health of our loved ones remotely 24/7.
    • It monitors vital health parameters such as heart rate, respiratory rate, sleep quality, stress, recovery levels, and sleep apnea index using non-intrusive, contactless, easy-to-use technology.
    • Dozee comes with AI-driven Advanced Health Intelligence (AHI) that accurately monitors respiratory and heart health and provides early warning of health deterioration for early medical intervention.
    • Dozee health tracking data can be reviewed using a mobile app and shared with family members and healthcare providers for remote health monitoring.
    • Interaction with health professionals is available to understand health data further and recommended care measures.

    How does Dozee work?

    Dozee works on the principles of ballistocardiography – the Dozee sensor sheet placed under your mattress picks up the micro-vibrations emitted from the body through your heartbeat, breathing cycle, and body movement. The data is sent to a secure cloud that converts it into meaningful biomarkers. Processed vital information can be accessed in SecureRPM applications.

    Dozee is a sensor sheet paired with a seashell-shaped monitoring device that measures your health while you sleep. The device connects to a smartphone through an app named after the device, which is available for Android and iOS platforms. The application synchronizes data from the device and displays measurements in a readable format.

    The monitoring device is lightweight and has an LED strip that flashes to indicate that the device is paired with a smartphone. Although it requires power, that’s the only wire coming out. The sensor film is placed horizontally under the mattress. It picks up the micro-vibrations produced by the body when the heart pumps blood, tracks breathing movements such as inhalation and exhalation, and detects natural body movements when the user sleeps.

    • Contactless & Accurate

    Dozee’s non-contact ballistocardiography technology is proven to be 98.4% as accurate as medical-grade devices.

    • Early Warning System

    Tailor alerts to the individual patient need for an early advantage in emergencies.

    • AI Technology

    Dozee’s AI technology learns and grows with you, translating measured vitals into readable and accessible reports.

    • Total Security

    With Dozee’s hi-tech security system, you can ensure the absolute confidentiality of your medical records and measurement reports.

    At Medikold– The future of Health care is here.

    The good thing about the device is that it is not wearable, so it does not require close contact with the body for optimal health monitoring. Instead, it can be placed under the mattress and will start monitoring your health as soon as you lie down to rest or sleep.

    For the First time in jodhpur, Medikold brings you the Dozee. This intelligent bed will enable hospitals to monitor patients’ conditions continuously in step-down ICUs and other non-ICU wards. The connected bed is integrated with Dozee’s AI-powered contactless sensor placed under a mattress to track a patient’s vital parameters, including heart and respiratory rates, temperature, oxygen saturation, and ECG, among others. It also has an early warning system that alerts care providers for timely intervention. 

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